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We're not just your lawyers. We are your gateway to a large and growing international network of investors, entrepreneurs, engineers and policy wonks. We proactively foster relationships among our clients to identify potential synergies and grow the industry as a whole.

We support founders, DAOs, private equity and VC funds, application layer technologies and native protocols, stablecoin issuers, cryptocurrency issuers, traders, exchanges, trading platforms, miners and validators, investors, and service providers.

One Fully integrated firm

Our team of attorneys and specialists have you covered on all of your corporate and blockchain legal needs. Our bench is deep and includes big law trained attorneys, former general counsels in the blockchain space, IP specialists, Supreme Court litigators and tax LLMs.

We provide strategic advice to clients across the blockchain ecosystem as well as companies at all stages of the corporate lifecycle.


Protocol Development and Structuring

Privacy and Data Protection

Product Launch and Go-to-Market Counseling

Digital Asset Custody and Security

Token and Equity Incentive Plans

Web3 Public Policy Advisory

AML and KYC Compliance

Public and Private Token Sales

OTC Token Sales

Offshore Structuring

DAO Governance and Operations Strategy

Decentralization Consulting



Corporate Formation and Maintenance

Employee, Contractor, Advisory Agreements

Securities Compliance

Outside General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

Product Launch and Go-to-Market Counseling

Litigation and Disputes

Mergers and Acquisitions

Privacy and Data Protection

Private Fund Formation

Fundraising and Corporate Financing

Secondary Market Transactions

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